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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Card Swap!

I absolutely love this time of year!  It's an especially fun time for crafting!  As a lot of you know, I have discovered crafty happiness with all of you on youtube!  It's been such a breath of fresh air in my life and the creativity out there is endless!! 

One of the great discoveries I've found since I've been on youtube is the wonderful world of SWAPS!!  I have recently joined my first swap hosted by Mel on youtube.  Here youtube channel is hearts1217 and can be found here.  There were 20 of us in the swap and there was also a really fun spin to it!  We each had a secret santa!!  So, we sent a card to each of the 20 ladies in the swap and then we also had were assigned a secret santa person to send a RAK to.

It was so much fun and I just wanted to share the cards I made for the swap.  I mailed them all out about a week ago and I finally mailed my big box of goodies to my secret santa person!  It was so much fun. :) 

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  1. love these cards. i am sure everyone will enjoy there card and some lucky person gets your secret santa too -- how awesome. susan