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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet Happy Mail.....

Being involved in the crafting community on YouTube has really been a great escape when I need it the most.  Inspiring videos, sweet new friends, incredible tutorials are just a few of the reasons I absolutely love being a part of such a fun group.  

One of my favorite YouTube channels is TheScrappyBookworm1.  Her name is Cynthia and we've become great, crafty friends.  I have mentioned her on this blog before and I'm so glad I came across her channel.  She's so creative, inspiring and talented.  We have sent each other handmade goodies before and I wish I had time to do it more often.  To my surprise....I received a package in the mail and was so excited to find what was inside!!  It was the most wonderful happy mail from Cynthia!!  Check out the amazing gifts she sent me below.... It's stunning!!

I Joined the Copics Craze....

So, I swore I'd never use Copic markers...for the sole reason of them being just too expensive.   I mean, lets face it, this hobby is expensive enough!  Plus, to be honest, I never really understood why these girl stamp images were so popular.  I mean, yes, they are super cute, but why do they need to be the focal point of almost every project, card or layout?  I never understood it.  Well....I do now.

On my birthday, my great friend, Maria, came over with a gift for me.  Yes, everyone...she bought me my first Copics!  Now, I'm absolutely fascinated by them.  I have been watching Copic tutorials, practicing and drooling over the adorable "girl stamps" as I dream of different hair colors and skin tones.  My favorite crafter to learn Copic coloring from is Kristina Werner.  She has amazing tutorials and is super talented!  So, yes, I hopped on the Copics bandwagon.  Here's my first project with my Copic markers.  It's not the best Copic coloring ever....but I think I did pretty good for my first time.