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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Crafty Birthday!

My brother and I share a birthday.  We were born on February 4th, 2 years apart.  After years and years of celebrating my birthday with my brother, I have discovered that having a part of the day, just for me, is a fabulous idea.  For the past 2 years, my mom and sisters have planned a "girls" day for my birthday.  Last year, we had brunch at the country club.  It was so much fun.  We ordered Shirley Temples and ate delicious food and chocolate cake!  They invited my step Grandma, my Aunt and my mother-in-law and they all spoiled me with cheery gifts.

This year, I wanted to keep the new tradition of  "girls day" going.  We kept it smaller, but oh what fun we had!  My mom and two sisters came over to my house for a mini crop!  My mom made jalapeno corn muffins and my sister Bri brought avocado chicken salad and chips!  We crafted, snacked and chatted the afternoon away!  It was so much fun and made my birthday simply perfect.  They also totally spoiled me with crafty gifts.  My sister Ginger hit it out of the park with the brand new....Cricut she bought me!!!  I was so ecstatic to receive such a wonderful gift!! 

Here are a few pictures of my blissful day!

Here they crafty girls!

Yay!  My Cricut!

I had a avisitor to help me open my present....

Brady and daddy (my brother-in-law, Kevin) left the girls to head out to their "boys only" lunch.  Brady says..."no girls allowed!"

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