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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine Card and Stick Pin Swap!

After participating in the Valentine tag and stick pin swap....I was absolutely hooked!  I decided to join another YouTube swap that OneHappyCraftyChick hosted on her channel.  Only this time, we only had 1 partner and we were to make a Valentine's card and 5 stick pins.  My partner hopped on the task early and sent me a gorgeous card and absolutely beautiful stick pins.  I was a little discouraged to make her my creation after seeing what amazing things she made me.  However, I think mine came out pretty good!  It's only the second time I've made stick pins and the first Valentine card I've made.  I am still really into the vintage look, so I went with that!  Here's a picture of my creation!

If you look closely, my stick pins are scattered throughout the card.  I had so much fun creating this card. :)

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