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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ginger's Transactions Journal....

Flashback to Mother's Day 2014....

My sister, Ginger has always been a go-getter.  She finds the best deals at stores, comes up with the best gift ideas and always seems to know how wheel and deal when it comes to bargains and shopping.  Lately, she has been obsessed with a local Facebook group in our town called Sierra Vista Sells.  She sells, she buys....she is a Sierra Vista Sells pro.  I tease her all the time asking "hey ging, did you put in a full shift at work today with a full day of 'transactions?"  haha...Her days are often filled with pick-ups, meet-ups or drop offs.  It's anything from kids' toys to a coupon crazy lady's stash of shampoo and deodorant.  Ginger sells a lot, too!  She sells her handmade goodies like Crayola Baskets, gift bouquets, hair bows, cookies and tons of used items from her home.   She does great!  So, for Mother's day, I decided to make her a "transactions" journal, so she can keep track of all her day's transactions!   It was so fun to make.  I used a journal from the $1.50 spot at Michael's.  I covered it and decorated with paper and embellishments from the Basic Grey Fact and Fiction collection.  I stamped throughout the pages with Michael's $1.50 stamps and added lots of fun interest on the inside.  She loved it!  Here's a link to my YouTube video to see the full flip through!

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