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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To the ends of the earth for Vintage Buttons!

My sweet friend and co-worker, Amanda is my official thrift store treasure hunter!  She always finds me the best vintage buttons for me and on this particular day...she hit the vintage button jackpot!!  Do you have something that just makes you so happy...even though it's simple, practically useless and a bit quirky?  Well, I do and it's vintage buttons!!  My sister and I once woke up at 5am to be at a yard sale by 5:30 that mentioned "vintage buttons" in their ad.  Now, that's dedication.  

I love to incorporate them in my scrapbook kits, my albums, cards, and of course in RAK's to my friends.  I am getting ready to group them in packs of 20 and list them in my Etsy store, too!  I just love buttons and am so thankful that I have other's looking out for them for me, too.  Happy Crafting everyone!

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